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It’s been an interesting and very busy few months with a number of new customers, extended pilots and keeping existing customers happy too.  


Also, a few new faces in the team!  Some of which will already be familiar to some of our team - keeping this within the family with Wendy’s sister, Susan, joining, and Shan’s brother, David, back with us after 8 years! We also welcome Gary Williams and Liz Butterworth. 


Gary Williams

Business Development Consultant (currently supporting the Oracle Q4 Data project).


Gary has worked within the sales environment for around 23 years, starting off in recruitment, for around 7 years, then moving into IT, working for some of the largest MSP’s in the UK.

Susan Thornton 

Business Development Consultant (currently supporting the Oracle Q4 data project). Susan has a slightly different background from our typical Business Development consultant. Susan is a commercial and experienced accountant (ACMA) with over 20 years professional experience – she also brings with her some Sales & Marketing skills and also hands-on user knowledge across a number of core technologies we are all familiar with from a campaign perspective.

Systems Susan has used and skills developed include: SAP, Anapla, Hyperion, Business Objects and Cognos. Oracle Financial, Essbase as well as Advanced Excel Skills. 

David Thomas

Business Development Consultant (CyberIAM).

David's background covers: technology (HW, SW, Services) solution sales, marketing and strategist. A detailed understanding of technology, HW, SW and services and positioning the value. David is also an Aviation Consultant & Entrepreneur.

Liz Butterworth

Finance Admin – a great asset to me in supporting the important stuff including the team & customer invoices.


CyberIAM – providing them with a sales development/lead generation partner – supporting a number of their customers which include:


Netwrix – the team working on this – Lawrence, David, Lisa and Shonagh did an amazing job with the ‘meet the panel’ – which took place on 29th April, managing to get the registrations up to 145! 

CyberArk & Sailpoint – due to kick off in May 

Others in the pipeline include:


Pipeline Pilots:


Rainmaking and ASPIRE – focusing on ASPIRE – ex customer Nigel Clarke recent referral to their CEO 

RBRO Solutions – referral from MD at iManage to their Canadian partner 




Team: Shan, Melissa, Suzie and Lisa, with Shonagh supporting with the reporting and profiles for the team.


Continued positive feedback from the Oracle marketing & sales team regarding the work produced by the Next Call team, who have finally got access to Oracle’s email system! (Hopefully it won’t be long until they are all up and running with their accounts.)

Providing the direct sales team:


1. Account profiling on-going currently in Q4 

2. Large data sourcing projects now underway (target 6000 new contacts)

3. Confirmed budget confirmation for Q1 –which kicks off June (similar days as previous quarters).

4. Oracle – New project  with the Cloud Infrastructure team  – key account profiling now kicked off, focusing on Rolls Royce, BAE and other target accounts within the TEMPEST.



Team: Lead consultant Suzie, with Lyn and Shonagh

After the fantastic success of several events last year and early 2021 with Voloforce (Ajartec) we have seen continued activity. Now working directly with their Marketing team focusing on a variety of projects including PMP – Precision Medical Platform - and a Digital Maturity Assessment solution into Manufacturing.


Team: Lead Consultant Lisa L and Wendy

Working closely with their UK MD, Marketing & Sales – they continue to provide success across a number of projects including Closing Folders (recent acquisition) & the mid-market coffee campaign – working closely with their sales teams.


Team: Shonagh

Working with the CEO & marketing team, Shonagh provides an experienced pair of hands to their marketing team, by helping deliver and run a series of Webinars on a weekly basis alongside other marketing events.

PS Quantum


Team: Pippa (Melissa & Nikki)

Have reduced their service, however Pippa is still managing their marketing campaigns and strategy.


Team: Lyn & Lawrence

A great team effort – Lawrence & Lyn are now providing in addition to their traditional activity - an automated set of email sequences which they have set up to feed their EMEA sales funnel with some top quality meetings.



Team: Lyn & Shan

A series of successful campaigns with the marketing team/sales and Lyn and Shan – delivering two full remote round tables of key decision makers across the Utilities sector focusing on Debt Management AI technology – development of the Middle East market alongside AWS through LI – these activities continue to produce great results.



Team: Lawrence, Suzie & Shan and now Shonagh (however, Shonagh now seems to have the entire team's laptops at her house!)...


Marketing comms & support – Shonagh will be starting a new contract with Vicky and team providing support to their campaign managers during May to the end of September. Someone on the inside will be really helpful. We await direction for our next round of campaigns.



Team: Lawrence

This pilot has now finished and they are taking a break due to their company being acquired.

oracle - new logo.png
salesforce - transparent.png


It looks like we are seeing ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and can start planning to get together in person rather than on Zoom!

The plan will be to have a short meeting covering some of the new tools in use e.g. Dux Soup & a general update followed by lunch. Location will be in Henley.

To find out which date would work best please fill in the form to indicate which you can and can't do.

Thursday 1st July
Friday 2nd July
Tuesday 6th July
Wednesday 7th July
Thursday 8th July

Thanks for letting us know which dates work.

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