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To ensure a campaign is successful and fully aligned with both the marketing and sales strategies we work to understand our customer's goals and desired results of the campaign. Using our onboarding process we have a series of questions that help us build out our campaign approach and agree expectations.

The process includes some key questions:

What is the proposition?

We talk through in depth to discover the unique service or solutions and create an ‘elevator’ pitch and a series of opening questions and positioning messages.

What makes this solution unique?

Deep dive questioning to fully understand the essential USPs.

What are the key benefits?

Understanding the benefits that will really pique the interest of the target audience.

What are the key questions per line of business?

Developing a number of key questioning techniques based on the ideal job function/job role in each line of business and what business challenges they address.

What are the typical objections and relevant responses?

Who are the competitors and how are objections normally handled. What are the responses to those objections. 

What makes a good prospect?

We work to understand what makes a good prospect, the ideal profile of a customer's target audience. 

What collateral is available?

We review and test all the available assets which will be used to support the outreach: white papers, case studies, landing pages, events. Agreeing the desired call to action relevant to the particular campaign.

Using these questions and our on-boarding templates and techniques it enables us to discover information about our customers, their target organisations relevant to each campaign, the ideal target contacts and their job role/job title within the company. This information gathering exercise enables us to build out and fully understand our customers marketing and sales strategies, the background details to their company, their vision and campaign expectations.

A great team of individuals with the enthusiasm and motivation to really understand the key business drivers to deliver ROI and good service. Always very thorough in the outturn of their work. Next Call are a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.


Karen Wedderburn, Partner Marketing, EMEA Salesforce

We chose Next Call for their engagement methodology and approach to working as a team with our existing sales people to drive business into our install base of UK based customers. From the other companies we reviewed they demonstrated the best understanding of our target market and short term goals.


Nigel Clarke, Vice President & GM, EMEA & APAC of Covisint

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