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Working with our customers to drive net new customers to join them at any event whether that be a conference, a seminar, a webinar or a round table event.


We will work with marketing teams to obtain and develop the right level of contact, and understanding what needs to be achieved to reach their ideal numbers on the day. Alongside that we work with sales to ensure we are targeting their ideal attendee profile and contacts from their target and future customers. Where needed we will also source new ‘C’ level contacts. 


We call each prospect and signed-up attendees individually to build a relationship and discuss the relevant topic. We will work to understand what stage they are at regarding their response, if they are planning to or not planning to attend, and if not attending we will work on converting those contacts into meetings, discovery calls or attendance at a future event.


Using experienced techniques is key to success:


  • Planning – timeline

  • Pre-date invites

  • Agree target audience & size

  • Compelling topics & speakers

  • Clear registration process

  • Regular updates on progress


Using our proven methodology – from strategic approaches to obtain and attract attendees - we expand our customers’ lead generation programmes and grow their presence in the marketplace.


Our involvement doesn’t end with gathering attendees, we will also speak to all attendees ahead of the event to re-confirm places right through to post event follow up and review to provide valuable feedback, increasing the return on investment by converting attendees into further meetings for sales.

It has been a great pleasure and a highly rewarding experience working with the Next Call team. They have provided a great delivery and advisory service and very quickly became part of the Tier-3 team, providing us with invaluable guidance and support to ensure our event was a huge success.


Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management, Business Development, Tier-3 Huntsman

Next Call are exceptional and help add a safe and experienced pair of hands to events. Their team give a wonderful customer service, fit in and can turn their hand to all event logistics. We have had fabulous feedback on the events they have assisted us with.  They are always a total pleasure to work with


Amanda Finch, CEO

Chartered Institute of Information Security 

Glass Buildings
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