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Next Call provides B2B lead generation, business development and marketing primarily to the technology sector.


Our trusted and collaborative team of experienced consultants have a broad spectrum of industry, sector and technology experience, enabling projects to launch quickly and without the need for lengthy on boarding or training.

Our experienced business development and marketing consultants are well versed and comfortable working with different technologies and in a fast paced environment, where rapid change often occurs due to market conditions or other factors.

Our agile team works in close collaboration with clients so when change are needed, we’re quick to respond, adapting our approach and messaging to suit. While predominantly working directly with clients, we also have a number of joint activities with other industry leading marketing agencies.


Our B2B client base ranges from SMEs and start-ups to major multi-national organisations, such as Oracle and Salesforce, whose solutions and services are typically complex and often new and emerging. 

our mission

The combination of our engagement methodology and approach, along with our understanding of target markets and short-term goals, are key factors in generating high-quality leads and increase awareness for our clients solutions and services.


We adhere to the values of compassion, enjoyment, trust, teamwork, integrity and dedication, always seeking to support local businesses and protect the environment.


Sarah Pell’s extensive background and experience in business development, team recruitment and inside sales gained at Business Objects and other enterprise organisations, has provided the solid foundation for Next Call’s approach, values and mission.


Our tried and tested Process Methodology enables us to deliver successful campaigns time and again for all our clients

Process Methodology


Agree & Prepare: Briefing documentation to enable a campaign build, supporting the approach, target accounts and understanding key messaging & propositions.


Reporting: Tracking, What, When, How, Who and presented weekly to sales & marketing.


Start Campaign: Sourcing of data, account profiling, prospecting, account development, initial calls with Sales and Marketing, testing message & available assets.


Data: Continue to source, add and refine. Analyse what worked and what didn’t. Work on what to change or improve.


Repeat Process: Take all of the above and work through the process to continue to provide quality results.

The cornerstone and key to success for all campaigns is in the preparation.

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