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We understand that sales directors and sales managers are always looking at ways to increase pipeline and revenue, and we are here to help do just that.

We help you to focus on your sales team and on the qualified leads and opportunities. We thrive on supporting sales teams and outbound activities and feeding new business into your pipeline. Setting up meetings can take up a lot of time, so let us free up your sales team’s time to enable them to spend more time meeting with prospects and customers.

We work on getting closer to your customers and understanding their journey, their timescales, and their priorities. We know that sales account managers need to spend time replying to bids and tenders and that outbound activities tend to slip to the bottom of the to do list, and this is where we can support and develop the outbound activities so that they are not distracted from closing business. 

Our clients find that once we start opening up doors and insight into their prospects they see immediate value in the time we have spent initially with the team, during our onboarding process, by reaping the rewards of receiving new contacts to speak to and develop. We are also able to discover opportunities within accounts that the sales teams haven’t been able to reach before by using our experience and proven techniques. 


Working with both the sales and marketing teams to ensure creative and successful campaigns, we have a proven track record of delivering the desired end results from identifying the pipeline opportunities through to qualified meetings.

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Our tried and tested Process Methodology enables us to deliver successful campaigns time and again for all our clients

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Having worked closely with Lisa Lawson of Next Call over the past 18 months, I would highly recommend Lisa or Next Call for lead generation activities. Lisa is very knowledgeable, personable, and has greatly helped me in multiple sales cycles with finding contacts, nurturing contacts, booking meetings and always keeps me informed of her progress.

John Idwal Williams, Sales Manager, OneStream Software 

I have worked closely with Next Call in my previous role and for 2 years at OneStream and they are, in my experience, the best lead generation organisation I have ever worked with. The entire team are extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and comprehensive in their approach to demand generation. They have helped with building contacts in my territory, pushing for attendance at events, and booking meetings with `C' Level contacts. They provide regular feedback and work with the team to refine their approach to optimise the use of their time.


Jeremy Pickles, Account Manager, OneStream Software

Glass Buildings


Our client is a consulting, digital services and software business, providing innovative solutions. 

We delivered a number of focused campaign addressing a multitude of business challenges and issues across the enterprise covering IoT, WANs and secure file transfer solutions & services. In less than 12 months we were able to increase their sales pipeline by an estimated £5 million.

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