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Key Account Programmes or Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become a driving force in the B2B arena as it enables businesses to engage more effectively and at a deeper level with their high value accounts, leading to better customer relationships, increased response rates and ROI, plus closer alignment between Sales and Marketing teams.

A clearly defined and well-executed ABM programme successfully targets key decision makers and influencers with relevant, personalised messages and marketing engagements, while research arms businesses with highly valuable account and market insights to help inform and drive approaches and activities.

Next Call’s Role in Your Key Accounts Programme

The experienced team at Next Call supports a number of B2B enterprise clients to help drive their Key Accounts programme success.

We specialise in orchestrating 1:1 activations that harmonize seamlessly with your company’s core values. Working in close collaboration with your account teams and executives, we help craft and enrich stakeholder journeys with a keen focus on today’s important themes, such as multi-product integration, sustainability and neurodiversity.

Depending on your needs, we can provide flexible support, ranging from programme definition and design, through to research, journey creation, event support, digital campaigns and copy writing.

There are many factors to consider when developing and launching an ABM programme, to find out more you can request a copy of our helpful guide: Next Call’s Introduction to Account Based Marketing Services, read our informative ABM blogs or contact us to discuss how we can support you.


We identify high-value accounts through comprehensive analysis.

Taking a deep dive into account-specific challenges and goals, we develop ideal customer profiles and buyer personas.


Starting with tailored marketing messages for target accounts, we develop custom content: emails, whitepapers, case studies.

Our focus is on ensuring consistent and relevant messaging across all touchpoints.


We design multi-channel campaigns (email, social media, direct mail, events) utilizing advanced targeting to reach key decision-makers.

We measure and optimize engagement for maximum impact.




To facilitate high-level connections between your executives and key stakeholders, we strategize executive engagements and meetings.

Trust and long-term relationships are built through continuous value delivery.

To track account engagement and campaign performance, we implement analytics tools, with regular reporting and insights to refine ABM strategies.

We identify opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and retention.

Bespoke product/service offerings are tailored to account needs.

We align with your product and service teams, presenting compelling value propositions to  address unique challenges.


Next Call design proactive customer success plans for ongoing satisfaction and loyalty. We conduct regular check-ins, usage reviews, and provide tailored support. Risks are mitigated to ensure account health.

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“A great team of individuals with the enthusiasm and motivation to really understand the key business drivers to deliver ROI and good service. Always very thorough in the outturn of their work. Next Call are a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”


Karen Wedderburn, Partner Marketing, EMEA Salesforce

"We have been so impressed with Next Call’s approach and results that we have expanded their work across additional campaigns which is having a really positive impact. We have really felt the benefit of working with the Next Call Team and the benefits and results that is bringing to our sales team." 



Tabitha Taylor-Higginson, Head of Marketing, Inawisdom

Glass Buildings


Our client provides a modern finance corporate performance management platform serving the major manufacturing, financial services, utilities, construction and travel industries.  


We have been working with their UK Sales team over the last 2 years establishing their market presence, generating 'C' level meetings within the finance office and filling their key vertical sectors with valuable enterprise sales opportunities with a value of £9 million.

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