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Next Call was first launched to fulfil the growing business development and lead generation needs of clients primarily in the IT arena. These companies rely on Next Call’s skilled and experienced consultants to deliver qualified C-level leads and opportunities within enterprise accounts. Due to customer demand, Next Call recently added professional marketing services to its portfolio which range from content creation and event management to Account Based Marketing and more.

The Next Call team use their extensive skills and experience to help deliver pipeline for their clients by identifying and connecting with executives and key decision makers within target enterprise accounts and introducing business propositions, solutions and engagement opportunities. They focus on delivering against agreed and measurable objectives, such as securing executive meetings and driving event attendance.

Years of successful engagements and organic growth has led to increased demand for Next Call’s winning business development, lead generation and marketing services.

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The strength of Next Call in the enterprise space derives from owner, Sarah Pell’s, extensive background and experience in business development, team recruitment and inside sales which she initially gained at Business Objects, their partners and other enterprise organisations. The catalyst for establishing Next Call’s brand was through their largest client, Oracle, where the team focused on running outreach activities for Oracle’s BI, EPM and ERP teams and achieving consistently successful results. Demand for Next Call’s business development and marketing services has primarily grown from referrals and word of mouth, thanks to their industry reputation and ongoing successes. Sales, marketing and business development leaders frequently become Next Call advocates as they move to new, often competing companies and introduce Next Call’s services. The Next Call team is adept at managing clients with competing products or solutions therefore avoiding any conflict of interest when new referral opportunities such as these arise. Years of successful engagements and organic growth has led to increased demand for Next Call’s winning business development, lead generation and marketing services. This growing demand has been met through careful selection of additional consultants with the relevant skills and experience to support clients and maintain the high standards of the Next Call team.


Next Call clients gain access to an agile and highly professional team with a vast array of knowledge and industry experience, making it faster to get up to speed and delivery results. Their tried and tested process methodology helps to accelerate the start process through clarity, communication and understanding for all parties. Next Call cares passionately about their projects and is trusted by clients due to their conservative approach, professionalism and consistent delivery against objectives. They are realistic about results and honest about their abilities and skills, selecting the projects they are best positioned to support. They regularly check-in with clients to make sure projects are on track and delivering against objectives – if they aren’t it’s important to ask why not and pause to investigate. Team collaboration is another key feature of Next Call. It’s paramount that the client teams they work alongside don’t feel threatened by a third party presence and instead discover the valuable benefits of working together with Next Call to divide and conquer and enjoy the joint rewards of success.


A key factor for a successful project is the commitment of the client’s sales team to support the activity. While some teams may feel threatened by a third party working alongside them, it is Next Call’s experience, knowledge and ability to support and collaborate that lead to consistently positive engagements and results. The deeper the collaboration between Next Call and its clients, the better the knowledge exchange and the quicker the team can get started and deliver results. To help unburden the client’s sales team, Next Call leverages a range of tools to help identify contact information and build out contact databases when required. As Next Call is representing a client’s direct sales team to fill pipeline with qualified leads, it’s important they pay attention to the client’s tone, branding, email content, positioning and more. Picking up on these nuances allows the team to engage seamlessly with the client’s target prospects as if they were an integral part of the in-house team. Rather than over promising, Next Call takes a realistic and conservative approach to what can be achieved for each client. This has helped to build trust and foster deeper client relationships that have longevity.

Happiness sits firmly at the heart of the business for Next Call's teams and clients, maintained and preserved by ensuring the company remains a manageable size and retains the unique Next Call characteristics valued by clients and the team.


Next Call has developed a highly successful, tried and tested process methodology which is applied to all activities and is a proven way for achieving positive results. For any outreach activity a series of steps is followed to establish key pieces of information such as, what is the end goal, who is the client target, what data do they hold and are there gaps to be filled. This is an iterative process that helps to establish the requirements and resources needed to achieve the client’s desired end result. Next Call’s process methodology speeds up the entire on boarding process making it fast for any outreach campaign to begin. This methodology can be adjusted to suit different clients making it very flexible and fluid.


In the past 20+ years, Next Call has seen vast changes in the way business development and marketing campaigns are delivered, the different types of activities on offer, along with a vast array of tools for engagement, measurement and more. Initially Next Call’s business was focused on purely making outbound telephone calls; at the beginning there was no social media, LinkedIn or other solutions to support and extend activities. As the marketing environment started to evolve and embrace the online world, so did the methods and tools used by Next Call to keep in step with customer and market demands. Next Call has recently modified how it approaches business development activities. By transitioning from one self-driven enterprise sales person focused entirely on a single client campaign, to a dynamic 2 or 3 person buddy system, this new team structure maximises the sharing of insights around data sets and verticals, resulting in improved intelligence and results.


Over the years the Next Call team has developed an enviable depth of knowledge and understanding around different new and emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning to support clients in these areas. While the on boarding process is the same regardless of the technology focus, Next Call is careful to map the right consultant to each project, depending on the skill set requirements, such as BI, EPM, CRM and cyber security. This close matching allows consultants can get up to speed faster, therefore delivering efficiency for the client. On the rare occasion that a specific skill set or knowledge isn’t available in house, the client is made aware that extra time may be needed for the consultant to get up to speed and start delivering results.

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Making your next call is one of the most positive, effective actions you can take to generate business, make a connection and learn something new.

Consequently it’s a very fitting name for our business.  

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