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ABM Event Management Techniques

Events definitely remain at the top of the list for ABM’ers, regardless of our digital focus,

you can not deny that face to face time with customers is key to any long term business


However, event management of any size can be very time consuming, stressful

at times and it can distract you from your other priorities if it is not managed well. Therefore it is important that you map out the events you want to plan throughout your fiscal year, ensure they align to your engagement plans, and are managed through the right


With any ABM program, there are many ways to engage your top accounts in events to

support the relationship but these can become siloed to the wider organisations ambitions

versus those that would benefit your ABM accounts. Here are a few ways to weave specific.

Events into your account plans to support them on a more personal level.


With every key win of account comes a huge move in adoption of the technology they have

taken on. How can you get them excited about change and what’s the best mechanic?

Hosting Innovation days are the way forward. This gives you the opportunity to solely host

an event for one specific key account and ensure they feel they come away not only

understanding the key benefit of your solution but also being an adopter of it to champion

further adoption within the company. These are easy to coordinate and can take on

different guises from the Executive led ‘launch’ events to the ‘down and in depth’ technical

innovation days but both are mandatory to account growth and adoption.


One of the wider ‘catchment’ events is by partnering with one of your partners who can

‘host’ your event whilst bringing the wow factor. Many companies have relationships with

the likes of Sport or automotive brands so why not take advantage of their premises and

unique experience to host an account wide ABM experience. This can be vertical based or

just across your accounts but the key to the success is to have an experience led agenda that gets all attendees networking and getting to know each other whilst introducing a ‘business relevant’ guess speaker who can talk to all companies with relevant advice. This doesn’t need to be at an executive level but it does need to be someone industry recognised to not only draw the audience but hold the attention of everyone in the room and encourage further discussion and networking to take place.


The well-known part will be executive engagement in hospitality. These will be the top

executives from your Tier 1 accounts who your relationship is paramount with. They

endorse and support the business and the experience they have with your business as a

brand is of most importance. Therefore aligned to their likes/dislikes personally as well as

professionally is key to your business advantage. There are obvious experiences to book

which could be anything from Wimbledon, Rugby hospitality, venue hospitality like the O2

or Chelsea Flower show but then there should also be the invites for senior executives

dinners, 1-2-1’s and roundtables to professionally share business pain points, goals and


Industry Related

Lastly, a way to show expertise in a specific vertical can also be a great way to bring

numerous clients together who are all experiencing the same business challenges but could

benefit from an industry led knowledge sharing event. Depending on your clients and the

sensitivity around sharing information with what could be seen as ‘competitive knowledge’

can be tricky to organise but also hugely beneficial in showing dominance and expertise in

their market. It’s important with these types of industry summits that external

speakers/third party organisations are invited so that it doesn’t become solely about you as

an organisation. It should be an event that shows your alignment as an organisation, your

knowledge and expertise endorsed by these speakers and that you are the lead in this

industry to get them through their challenges to make them more successful.

If you’d like to find out more please contact the NextCall team. We’re looking forward to supporting you on your ABM journey.


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