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Customer Feedback from Inawisdom

We're always delighted when our customers are happy with the progress being made on a project. Thank you to Tabitha Taylor-Higginson at Inawisdom for this great feedback...

We were finding, despite generating a good number of leads from our marketing campaigns, we just didn’t have the capacity to follow them up in good time and some were falling through the cracks. That’s where Next Call came in and have really helped us to bridge the gap in business development.

The team at Next Call - Lyn and Shan - have been fantastic, they were keen to get going and it didn’t take us long to get them on-boarded and ready to go. They quickly understood how to handle questions and the most relevant information or follow-up content to provide.

Their work and ability to unearth interesting and worthwhile leads has helped us have a clearer picture of our ideal client profile and meant we are better at ultimately qualifying them.

We have been so impressed with Next Call’s approach and results that we have expanded their work across additional campaigns which is having a really positive impact. We have really felt the benefit of working with the Next Call Team and the benefits and results that is bringing to our sales team.

- Tabitha Taylor-Higginson, Head of Marketing, Inawisdom


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