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What Ajar Technology said about Next Call...

Ajar Technology

Ajar Technology - quote about Next Call

When interest in our digital transformation services surged to a record high we needed help with outreach as our sales and marketing teams were at capacity. With no time for internal hiring we knew that outsourcing this critical function would be our best option.

We received a referral to Next Call who immediately impressed us with their understanding of our business, their extensive industry knowledge and experience in our sectors. Following a quick and easy onboarding process, Next Call seamlessly stepped into the business to fulfil our outreach activities, delivering qualified leads and using a personable approach that our target audiences appreciated.

Next Call's results have been outstanding as they have helped to develop a sizeable pipeline for our business, along with an enhanced database and many new prospects. We have a great working relationship with Next Call who are truly collaborative and we view as an extension to our own team. We look forward to continuing this relationship long into the future. Tara McLaughlin - Sales & Marketing Manager, Ajar Technology


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