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Peeking under the Covers of Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) has existed in one form or another for many decades. Initially recognised in the 90s as One to One Marketing, since then ABM adoption has grown rapidly thanks in part to technology advancements that underpin and enhance this offering. ABM is now seen a driving force in B2B marketing, delivering powerful and measurable results through targeted and personalised engagements.

What’s Changed

Gone are the days when organisations had to rely on a scattergun approach when marketing to top accounts. No more hoping that campaigns promoting the merits of solutions and services had landed in the right place, at the right time, and that the message resonated with the recipient let alone aligned with Sales goals.

Instead, ABM uses intelligent account and industry insights, along with a variety of tools to reach, influence and engage audiences and deliver results. This practice relies on Marketing working in close collaboration with Sales to ensure synergy with account plans and objectives. Activities can be fully tracked and measured taking the guess work out of marketing effectiveness.

A Peek Inside

ABM is the not-so-secret marketing ingredient that enables organisations to engage more deeply and on a personal level with high value target accounts. A well planned and executed ABM program increases revenue by using an intelligence driven marketing approach to better understand and interact with audiences. Done right ABM delivers new leads, helps to land and expand opportunities and drive customer retention.

ABM’s laser focus ensures that key influencers and decision makers are served with relevant content and engagements that inform and offer solutions to solve known problems or respond to a need. Engagement plans are crafted for individual accounts and designed to accelerate the conversation with Sales to achieve success, faster.

Adopting an ABM approach helps bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing, aligning and strengthening both teams, whilst fostering deeper relationships with top tier accounts.

ABM Support

A wide range of tools have been developed and adapted to provide essential and reliable resources for ABM practitioners. These tools cover a variety of needs such as insights gathering, activity tracking, engagement, measurement and campaign development. Reporting and ROI data is key for evaluation purposes to determine what is or isn’t working and to support ongoing and future ABM activities.

Many marketing agencies now specialise in ABM to support clients with account insights, engagement plans, design, content hubs, advice and other services. Depending on client needs, these agencies can offer end to end ABM program support or bespoke activities which help supplement the resources and expertise of in-house marketing teams.

ABM Skills

Expertise in ABM is on the rise to help satisfy demand in B2B Marketing. Momentum ITSMA, a highly regarded specialist consultancy, runs ABM conferences and other activities to share knowledge, experiences and best practices. They also offer a world class ABM certification program to help practitioners build their skills and share learnings with other ABM-ers.

NextCall’s experienced team of ABM practitioners is here to support your needs. Whichever stage you’re at – whether you need extra support for an ABM program that’s in full flow or you’d like help getting started with an ABM pilot – we’re here to assist and guide you. Collectively our team has 30+ years’ experience in the field of ABM and is ready to support you on your ABM journey.

If you’d like to find out more please contact the NextCall team. We’re looking forward to supporting you on your ABM journey.


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