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Successful lead generation campaigns are built on strong roots...

For any campaign or event to be successful, it has to have a good base, a strong foundation. That strong foundation is the root of the campaign, the origin, what the campaign is built on; the data. Getting the right data in place at the start is essential to a campaign being a success.

To put that data in place, you have to step back further, and that is to the stage of determining who your campaign is targeting. Who are your target audience, who are the decision makers that are key to your solution, what organisations do they work in, which country or region are they based in, what is their job title? Or their area of expertise? The answers to these questions build a framework to build the data on.

It’s also important to factor in the type of campaign, for example is this for an event (either virtual or in person) to drive registrations or a campaign to set one-to-one meetings. The type of campaign will impact on who the target audience are.

Once we have established this key information with you we will source and manage the data gathering process.

We will establish a list of relevant contacts, whether that be at managerial or C level, and work diligently to make contact with them.

Whilst the level of information for each contact can be added to, it is essential to find at least one and quite often up to four or five points of contact for each area in order to start opening the doors to more information, and to ultimately make contact and have a conversation, whether that be over the phone, via email or via direct Linkedin messages.

How do we go about finding the data in the first place? You may have a list already that needs expanding and enhancing. We may be starting from scratch, but we will source information from legitimate sources, using the relevant tools such as Linkedin Sales Navigator and others to support our searches.

We pride ourselves on being able to build a list of data that is usable, valid and that will produce results for you immediately.

Contact information can be basic or it can include additional information that is useful for a particular campaign and good research is important to bring together all the information needed into one place that is easy to refer back to.

This research and resource part of a campaign, ahead of kicking off any calling or contact, is essential to the ongoing success. It is the first step, and one of the most important steps, without the proper research and data building in place, the rest of the campaign will get off to a rocky unstable start and the results will reflect that.

Our many years of experience has led us to establishing a methodical approach and proven process.

We start with DEFINE, where we establish the target audience and what it looks like. Working right through to REVIEW which takes place across all stages of the campaign where we review results as we go, then adapting and updating the data and approach accordingly to continually improve results.

By following an organised and methodical approach to data sourcing and data building we are able to provide the solid foundation that a successful campaign or event rests upon. Building the right data at the start ensures that we are setting up meetings and conversations with the contacts you really want to speak to as well as driving the right people to your event.

Data is the key to unlocking the full potential of any campaign or event!

Get in touch to find out who we can establish contact for you with your target audience.


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