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Open For Business: Five Step Recovery Plan

These are indeed strange times at the moment, but as we all prepare to return to a more ‘normal’ way of working, there is perhaps some uncertainty of how to get started again, and how to approach nurturing your sales leads and pipeline. 

With our extensive experience of pre-campaign research and preparation and using our tried and tested methodology, we are able to work with organisations to ensure that there is an effective and relevant calling strategy in place to re-ignite their sales pipeline and to get back in touch with prospects and start nurturing leads again. 

Our approach includes a five step plan by fully understanding where your customer is on their own journey enabling us to provide you with invaluable information and data:

  1. Research - deep dive exploration across organisations. 

  2. Experience - using our extensive experience of connecting at C level, we will map out the decisions being made to enhance better planning.

  3. Being Agile - by adapting the approach and keeping the communication personalised and open on any scale will help your sales team plan accordingly.  

  4. Keeping in touch - finding out what your customers need right now - we will be able to enable our customers adapt & respond at the right time 

  5. Collaboration - at the same time, we work on collaborating with both the sales and marketing teams to ensure that everyone is working in together and that the approach is cohesive. 

Having a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges faced by them is vital to ensure the approach is appropriate. 

By reaching out to your prospects and customers in a personal way we can gauge how they are facing the current challenges and find out what their plans are and what they need to move forward, and how your business can support them in doing so. This will ensure that your organisation stands out as one that is pro-active but also understanding of your clients needs by offering support and guidance. These phone conversations are a perfect way to establish some ground work ahead of working back towards face to face meetings.

Now is a good time to show your customers that you are able to support them and to give them an elevated experience of you as an organisation with this approach. By taking the time now to get in touch and explore what stage they are at without pushing too much will pay dividends and will demonstrate commitment to ensuring their path back to ‘business as usual’ is as smooth as possible.

Outsourcing this activity to an external, experienced, agency, makes sense, especially in this current climate, as it can be scaled up or down accordingly as business and budgets demand, remaining agile and flexible to fit your budget. 

This is a great opportunity to reassess sales and marketing procedures and approaches to market - a chance to really add value to your customers.

The focus now should be on connecting and listening, supporting and adapting. Mutual support. 

Our team of experienced consultants can fill the gaps you might have in your organisation currently to steer your business through these uncertain times. 

But, don’t just take our word for it, this is what our customer Humanyze had to say...

Lawrence and Next Call have been true partners in Humanyze's regional expansion. Even with regular changes to our messaging and go-to-market strategy, I could always count on Lawrence to be proactive and creative in delivering quality leads to support our growth. He thinks outside the box, is thoughtful about outreach methodology and messaging, and is a responsive, flexible, and reliable team member. I've loved working with the Next Call team and highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their presence in the UK and Europe. 

Alexa Lightner - VP & General Manager, Europe


Get in touch to find out how we can support your organisation as you return to being ‘Open For Business'.

Read more about our tried and tested Process Methodology which enables us to deliver successful campaigns time and again for all our clients.

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