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It’s our 4th consecutive year of working on Oracle’s Business Analytics Summit!

We're excited to be working on this year's Oracle's Business Analytics Summit making this the 4th year that we have been involved with this project. And this year's summit looks to be even bigger and better, with lots of interesting topics and speakers including the incredible Sir Clive Woodward, who famously guided England to Victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup and three Six Nations Tournaments.

There's an interactive expo area where you can meet with Oracle partners, see live demos, challenge Oracle experts, attend themed networking groups and then a drinks reception at the end of the day. If you're an IT professional, BI Leader or Architect it's certainly an event not to be missed.

Next Call has been asked to provide tele-marketing support to promote and drive attendance and to provide co-ordination of the team's data and registrations. The event has an overall target of 700 registrations, in order to achieve an attendance of 350 delegates, coming from a number of routes to market; e-blasts, advertising, social media and Next Call's telemarketing component.

As with all these types of telemarketing projects, the timing is key. The target audience are busy people with already bulging diaries so we work in conjunction with the Oracle marketing team to follow up the early bird invitations that have been sent out to encourage registrations as quickly as possible to ensure that the date is firmly in the diary.

We always work closely with the in-house team and hold a planning call in advance of kicking-off the campaign with their event coordinator, the Business Analytics Marketing team at Oracle in conjunction with our own team who will be supporting the event. Working to a checklist we discuss:

Who we are targeting: agreeing on who we are going to contacts and where the target data is going to come from, for example previous relevant events, key prospects, target customer accounts.

Where it is taking place

When it is taking place: not just the date, but all the details of the day itself.

Agree the target number of registrations

Agree registrations and resend process:  Next Call take control of the data and registrations process and send new invites to delegates as required.

We undertake a regular review with the event coordinator and Oracle's BA marketing manager ensuring that we are in touch with the best contacts and fully utilising their previous contacts.

To achieve a clear direction and proper focus we review and agree our plan, which covers the agenda and topics, the focus and theme of the overall event, other supporting activities such as industry sector executive lunches, peers networking and meeting senior oracle executives. We discuss the guest speakers, their background and the subjects they will be discussing.

It's key to promote the excellent quality of speakers and to understand what they will be presenting. Having Sir Clive Woodward as a speaker provides a great starting point to conversations with the target contacts, not only talking about his successful years of coaching but also how he can share this knowledge and experience in the corporate world by using data and analytics to our advantage.

Combining all this together we then continue to work closely with the Business Analytics Oracle team which we have found to be the key element to the success of any event or campaign.

Each of the Next Call team is then allocated a group of contacts that they will own and from that they will have an individual target to achieve. Communication is key, and the team supports each other, sharing knowledge, providing regular feedback and reviewing and updating the data as necessary.

We undertake a regular review with the event coordinator at Oracle BA ensuring that we are in touch with the best contacts and fully utilising their previous contacts. The head of the team coordinates the data, emails that require re-sending, additional invitations that need to be sent, and keeps track of all registrations updating the Oracle BA team regularly.

And it doesn't end there, calling continues right up to and after the event with confirmation calling taking place during the week before including covering any additional questions asked by the delegates. Full analysis of the campaign and results takes place with the Oracle BA team shortly after the event and a plan to go forward with the follow up is put in place and executed.

These events provide excellent opportunities for the client to interact closely with their existing and prospective customers, with the pre and post-campaign activities providing an essential element to drive the attendees to the event, educating them with as much information about the event as possible, and then following up with them to gather feedback and to take them to the next stage in the sales cycle.

It's an exciting challenge that the team at Next Call always relishes.

If you'd like to discuss your next campaign, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting.


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