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20 Day Kickstarter Campaign for Business Development

Jumpstart your customer and prospect acquisition with our 20-day plan

The 20 Day Kickstarter Campaign for Business Development aims to help businesses get a foothold in the market and start engaging with potential customers.

The main benefit being it provides a clear and structured approach to reaching out to potential customers, using a methodology that is tested and proven to produce results.

The Kickstarter Campaign runs for a duration of 20 days, during which time a team of experienced consultants use a multi-channel approach to reach out to agreed-upon target accounts.

This process will involve building relevant targeted contact data for these accounts, conducting LinkedIn outreach, following up with emails and messages, and making calls, with the ultimate goal to secure and schedule introductory calls and meetings with potential customers. If your specific campaign is for an event or webinar the goal will be to secure and register delegates for your events. We will work with you to determine your preferred outcomes and develop the plan accordingly.

By the end of the 20-day period, the outcome of the campaign will include new contacts, LinkedIn connections made, emails sent, calls made, and opportunities identified.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Business Development promises to help organisations like yours start making real progress in their customer engagement efforts, and get a step closer to achieving their goals.

"Working with Next Call was an easy decision; their experience with our partner, Onestream, meant they came to the table with understanding and prior knowledge of what our business does. We were able to explain the concepts of what we want to get across to prospects easily and the Next Call team absorbed this and understood it quickly. This meant the onboarding process was very streamlined. On an ongoing basis we’ve been able to work together easily and seamlessly quickly adapting and updating messaging and ideas as we go."

Kai Engel, Partner, Function Six

To find out more about about the Kickstarter Campaign or to talk further about trialing and implementing this for your business, please contact us for a no-obligation initial discussion. For more information about how Next Call helps other organisations like yourselves please read some of the feedback received from our clients. You may also find some of our recent blogs useful to learn more about our methodology and approach to business development:

We'd love to work with you, so please get in touch to find out more!


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