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Cost-effective New Business Development: It really is possible!

The power of networking has never been more important, especially in the current climate. We count ourselves as very fortunate in that we acquire a large amount of our new clients via our existing network. When someone we have worked with moves to a new organisation, then invites us to support their sales and marketing campaigns in their new place of work. To be recommended in this way is a true indication of the relationships and trust we build with our clients and contacts. 

One such example is the current work we are doing with a company called Post Quantum; a leader in developing protection against the quantum threat and offering a range of unique commercial and government solutions as well as developing a portfolio of other innovative cyber-security tools, including secure multiparty computing and digital signature schemes.

Post Quantum is a relatively new start-up organisation, having formed in 2009. They needed the support from a team that would work with them to grow their business and be able to offer guidance for both their sales and marketing activities.

Having worked with us in a previous company, Philip Black, Post Quantum’s Commercial Director, trusted Next Call and knew of our expertise in new business development, and therefore felt confident in bringing us on board. Our cost effective and flexible approach means that they are not overstretching their budget with a full time headcount and can instead get the best expertise at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Outsourcing offers this perfect balance of great experience and knowledge at a cost that fits perfectly. 

“We needed a team that could get to grips with our proposition and to be able to have meaningful conversations with prospects; Next Call are the perfect fit for this and the consultants have become an homogenous extension to our business, learning and understanding the nuances of what we do quickly and easily and carrying that forward to generate excellent new business opportunities for us.”

Philip Black, Commercial Director, Post-Quantum 

Post Quantum know their target market and identified 40 organisations that were key targets for them. What they then needed was a team that could get to grips with the technology and to uncover the correct contacts in these organisations and go on to have meaningful conversations with them. The team set to work building those contacts and calling in to them and working to set up online meetings and demonstrations via Zoom. So far, this approach has resulted in several positive opportunities.

As the situation with Covid-19 has developed the sales process was understandably disrupted, however the team were still able to secure lead nurturing opportunities that can be re-visited when things begin to return to ‘normal’. 

As with many companies, it was necessary to adapt; as a result the focus has shifted to a different product, an identity service using biometrics for companies to identify their customers, allowing them to use voice and face biometrics. This is delivered as a service and can be implemented easily and quickly. Ideal in the current climate it enables better customer interactions. This particular solution is promoted via partners, and the calling and targeting therefore went in a different direction. This wasn’t a problem for the team who are agile and resourceful and were able to adapt and divert easily and quickly.  

In addition to new business development and lead nurturing, Next Call have also been able to provide Post Quantum with marketing support. Another member of the team, Pippa, is producing outreach messaging, supporting content updates on the website and keeping the social channels up to date. This has proved to be an invaluable support for the Post Quantum team, who have come to rely on Pippa’s proactive approach. They have gained an experienced marketing consultant with a wealth of experience in the digital environment, whilst also keeping a grip on their budget.

This example of the way we work with organisations highlights the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing; you gain the experience of senior sales and marketing executives who bring years of relevant experience to the table, but without the restrictive expense of a full time head-count. Outsourcing has proved to be a game changer for Post Quantum and enables them to reach out to their target audience and gain new business opportunities that they would have otherwise struggled to find. 


Are you looking for a cost-effective approach to your new business development or marketing activities, without compromising experience and knowledge?

Get in touch to talk to us about your next campaign and how we can support and ensure it gains maximum results.


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