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Five key steps to prepare for any challenge or project...

Taking on any challenge is daunting, whether that is at work or in your personal life. However, in both cases the key to successfully completing either is in the work that is put in ahead of the challenge itself.

Our founder and managing director of Next Call, Sarah Pell, recently completed the Henley Half Marathon (well done Sarah!), and this couldn’t have been achieved (certainly not with any degree of success) if the preparation had not been put in beforehand. The same applies in business, and with any project or challenge that you are facing.

The key elements to being prepared for success are:

Defining your goal - what is it that you are trying to achieve, what is the end goal, the end result.

Being prepared - gathering information, researching, bringing together all relevant materials.

Choosing the team - ensuring that the right people are chosen for the task in hand.

Determination and persistence - once all the preparation is in place, it then takes determination and persistence to achieve the end goals.

Agility - always reviewing progress and results and adjusting the team or messaging or approach accordingly.

Being fully prepared will ensure that any project is up and running quickly and seamlessly, thus leading to the required results quickly.


To talk about how we can prepare for your next project or challenge, whether that is driving registrations for an event or webinar, following up attendees to arrange discovery meetings or calls, nurturing existing contacts and leads, then please get in touch for an exploratory call.


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