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From The War Room to The Board Room : End-to-End Seminar Management for Tier-3 Huntsman

When you think of telemarketing it's often considered a very generalist description of what is possible in terms of supporting a client with their event or campaign. The actual complexity and depth of what is possible was demonstrated recently when we supported Tier-3 Huntsman with their breakfast briefing seminar.

Hosted on board HQS Wellington in central London the brief was to promote the event and drive registrations to ensure a good turnout on the day, whilst also raising the profile and awareness of Tier-3 Huntsman within the wider business and security community. The ultimate goal was to deliver a seminar to both existing and new prospects and to provide an opportunity to further that relationship by way of follow up meetings.

This was the first breakfast briefing Tier-3 had held, and the first time working with a partner agency to support the running and fulfillment of the event. The team at Next Call were brought in to support the event from the initial planning stages through to delivering registrations, supporting the event on the day, and then right through to following up the attendees and non-attendees post event.

At Next Call we have a wealth of experience when it comes to end-to-end event fulfillment including managing invites, working closely with in-house marketing teams as well as remowere brought in to support the event from the initial planning stages through to delivering registrations, supporting the event on the day, and then right through to following up the attendees and non-attendees post-event. in order to achieve the best results, which ultimately drives the next essential elements: invitations, managing and cleansing data, the marketing campaign, and calling through to prospects to drive registrations, as well as liaising with the venue and speakers.

The date of the event is crucial not just in terms of which day and time of the week is chosen to maximize attendance, but also to allow sufficient time to allow the lead up marketing and calling to be as effective as possible.

Establishing a week-by-week schedule of activities ensured that everyone involved stayed on track and knew each stage of the preparation involved. Regular updates with the team in the UK as well as the marketing team based in Australia ensured that everyone was up to speed at all times.

During the telemarketing phase our key to success was fully understanding the messaging and the topics being discussed on the agenda as well as details of the speakers. It was important to realize which were the key points that were going to attract the most delegates and to convey that message to the correct contacts in the target database.

By having this understanding in advance we were able to quickly qualify in or out contacts that we were speaking to, therefore using the calling time available more efficiently and effectively. The time frame between starting the telemarketing phase and the date of the event was a key factor in gaining the positive number of registrations that were achieved.

The central London location was also well received as well as the slightly unusual venue of HQS Wellington. These elements, when factored together, provided an excellent foundation for the telemarketing.

Our telemarketing works in several phases and prior to the event the two main phases were recruitment of registrations followed by confirmation calls to all those registered to remind them of the event and to ensure they were still planning to attend.

We aimed to over achieve on registrations, booking more than 45, to allow for the inevitable drops outs on the day. This strategy led to over 30 high quality attendees, an impressive 66% turnout.

As we were providing an end-to-end service we also took ownership of the on-site management of the event venue and welcoming the arriving delegates thus enabling Tier-3 to focus on the delivery of the content and being able to spend valuable networking time with their prospects and customers.

Of course, as well as the right date, a great location and getting a good level o registrations, another key factor for the success of the event is the content itself and engaging and interesting speakers, which Tier-3 had expertly put together, and this was reflected in the positive feedback from the delegates on the day and during follow up calls.

As important as planning and executing the event, is the post-event activities of following up the delegates, both those that attended and those that were unable to attend, to set up post-event meetings and develop the pipeline, and debriefing the event with the team to establish what worked and what could be improved upon for future events.

"It has been a great pleasure and a highly rewarding experience working with the NextCall team. Throughout the process, from our initial engagement, event planning, campaign management and event execution Next Call always looked to provide a great delivery and advisory service and very quickly became part of the Tier-3 team. They provided us with invaluable guidance and support to ensure the event was a huge success. That success continues with ongoing, post event engagement that continues to deliver new opportunities for Tier-3 Huntsman."

Des Powley, Vice President, Business Development, Tier-3 Huntsman

This event was the first in a planned series of seminars and we look forward to working with Tier-3 again on these future events. To find out how we can help you with your next event, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how we can drive the maximum results to ensure it is a success.


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