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Fundamentals of Account Based Marketing

Fundamentals of Account Based Marketing - row of flower pots to show the power of nurturing and growth

Account Based Marketing (ABM) has evolved over the past few decades and is now a driving force in B2B marketing. Adopting an ABM strategy for high value B2B customers can deliver powerful, measurable results through personalised, targeted marketing engagements with decision makers and influencers.

Key to success is the close collaboration between Sales and Marketing. Aligning these two powerhouses to work side by side creates a wonderful catalyst for exploring and agreeing winning ideas and strategies for account-centric marketing.

Getting started

For anyone contemplating ABM their biggest questions are likely to be ‘where and how do we get started’. There’s no shortage of information online but if you’re new to ABM it can seem daunting trying to sift through the options and determine which approach will work best for your organisation.

When researching, a good starting point is Momentum ITSMA, highly regarded and widely experienced consultants in the field of ABM. Their offerings include training, certification, best practices and more.

At NextCall we have an experienced team of ABM practitioners ready to support your ABM journey. Collectively our team has over 30 years' experience in the field of ABM and are ready to share our expertise, add value and bring your program to life. Whether you’re looking for extra support for ABM that’s in full flow or you’d like help getting started with a pilot – we’re here to assist.

Considering the ABM Fundamentals

As with all well thought out marketing programs, analysis and planning is essential to help shape your strategy. There are many factors to consider such as program objectives, parameters, costs, resources, who to influence for support and buy-in, plus who will be your ABM champions within the organisation.

Through our extensive experience and knowledge of ABM, we’ve identified a number of fundamental considerations to help establish your program and achieve success. These can be grouped as follows:

Program scope

  • Number of accounts

  • Type of accounts

1:1, 1:few, 1:Many


Account selection process and criteria

  • Pilot launch

How many accounts

Length of pilot

Goals and objectives

Program assets

  • Define the offer for each level of the program, such as



Content hubs

Engagement Plans

Hospitality and other executive engagements

1:1 Marketing support (maximum offering)

Metrics – note: ABM tends to deliver long term rather than immediate gains

  • Number of engagements

  • Number of new contacts

  • New opportunities

  • Remember, take a base line before launch

What will success look like

  • Metrics – short term

  • Metrics – mid term

  • Metrics – long term


  • Marketing Lead?

  • Sales Lead?

Rules of engagement

  • Collaboration with Sales (and other teams)

  • Firm commitment by Sales for regular planning and catch up meetings


  • Will depend on scope of program and availability of budget


  • People

  • Technology

Tools – use existing and/or new?

IT support/buy in for new technology requirements

  • Agencies


  • Support for reporting/tracking/measurement

In conclusion, Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become a vital strategy in B2B marketing, delivering personalised and targeted marketing engagements with high-value customers. The collaboration between Sales and Marketing is crucial for the success of an ABM program.

Planning is essential for a successful ABM program, and there are several fundamental considerations to keep in mind, including program scope, pilot launch, program assets, metrics, champions, rules of engagement, budget, resources, tools, and operations. By considering these factors, you can establish a solid foundation for your ABM program and achieve long-term success. Next Call offers experienced ABM practitioners to support your journey.

If you’d like to find out more please contact the NextCall team. We’re looking forward to supporting you on your ABM journey.


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