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Leading Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner, Brightgen, work with Next Call

As we rapidly approach the summer season managing and delivering a multitude of customers campaigns, and with lots of busy months still ahead of us, we were keen to revisit and review how using the different stages of Next Call’s Campaign Methodology has been successful for some of our customers.

This particular example highlights how BrightGen, a leading Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner work with Next Call and follow each stage of our methodology. In our last blog we introduced the five key stages of the methodology, which are: Define, Measure, Action, Review and Improve.

In particular, we focused on how we ‘Define’ a campaign and the process we would follow, establishing the importance of allowing enough time and preparation to build as much information as possible to ensure a successful outcome, and to fully understand and set expectations for both the client and ourselves.

Using Next Call’s five key stages of the campaign methodology, BrightGen paid particular attention to the following areas: ‘Define’ and ‘Measure' using the tools provided by Next Call during the early stages of a campaign (more details can be provided on request).

Define: These are the specific areas that were developed with great effort and detail from BrightGen’s marketing team to support the BrightMedia Campaign:

  • A clear and compelling message based on their value proposition.

  • They understood the key contacts to target and also which industry sector to approach based on their specific message.

  • By providing, relevant materials and assets to support the campaign, for example; video clips, case studies and microsite with product details. Enabling the team to take something of value to their target audience.

  • Outlining, their USPs and the key benefits of their offering and what this would bring to the organisations they were targeting.

  • Providing some key questions to engage and open up initial conversations with key decision makers to qualify each prospect.

Measure: During the defining stages of a campaign, we would also look at how the campaign would be measured. Covering the following key areas:

  • Discuss and agree the campaign objectives; what is achievable over an agreed timeframe, including early check point updates and providing on-going feedback.

  • The campaign objectives may vary depending on the size and depth of each campaign. In this particular example, with BrightGen (also co-marketing with Salesforce) the campaign was clearly defined in terms of what they deemed as a successful campaign and how this was measured during the project.

  • Next Call was set a target of providing ‘X’ number of meetings. Based on the ideal contacts and agreed target accounts.

  • By setting a clear objective, defined targets/goals, clear approach & valued proposition with supporting assets and using the campaign methodology. The team were able to meet the targets set, provide up-to date ‘live’ updates using reporting via Google Docs.

  • Enabling the team to work collaboratively with other team members, the customer & partners involved in the project.

Kate Algar, Marketing Manager at BrightGen said

"We’ve built a great relationship with Next Call over the last 6 months. They are responsive, keep us updated on campaigns and have uncovered quality leads on our behalf. Next Call is more than an appointment setting agency, they understand our value proposition and help us drive new opportunities to take the business forward.”

BrightGen continue to use Next Call’s campaign methodology and is actively working on a series of campaigns.


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