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Marketing Communication Works: 1 year, 4 seminars, 2 users groups, 1 trade show

In just one year with our client Huntsman Security, we have worked to provide end-to-end fulfilment on four breakfast seminars, two users groups, and one annual trade show event. In that time, we have helped drive over 200 attendees through the doors, and provide many additional follow up opportunities.

The most recent event - Optimising Cyber Processes - featuring keynote speaker Brian Lord, former Deputy Director of GCHQ, was the 4th in the series of the ‘From the War Room to the Board Room’ breakfast seminars, once again held on the uniquely interesting HQS Wellington, moored on the Thames Embankment.

The first in the series was held back in December 2014, and was followed by a second event in March this year, entitled CREST and STAR: A New Era in Cyber Resilience. Part three, Cyber Resilience, The New Reality, was held in April featuring Sir Tim McClement KCB OBE as the keynote speaker.

Our approach to each of these events, whether it is the breakfast seminars, the user group meetings or the annual trade show event, is to ensure we are getting not just numbers of people to attend, but the right people with relevant interest. Our success in doing so comes down to a combinations of factors:

  • Firstly, a compelling topic that enables our telemarketing team to have a meaningful discussion with the target list of names, a discussion that is relevant to their business and their needs in terms of further information about their industry.

  • Secondly, having interesting and relevant speakers who are known within the industry and who are providing an informative session. Again, this provides valuable conversation material when on a call with a prospective delegate.

  • And, thirdly, the backbone to all of these campaigns is our solid and well executed campaign methodology which enables us to follow a well defined set of objectives to ensure we are fully utilising our time once the project begins and therefore producing the very best results possible.

Although we have worked on several events in close succession we don’t allow any compliancy to seep in. Each event is approached with a fresh set of eyes and is researched and prepared in the same meticulous way we would approach any new event for a new client.

Of course, we have gained a deeper understanding of the client’s requirement and have honed our approach accordingly, and this is something we apply wherever we are working – as we learn more we adapt the campaign to get even better results.

We’d be happy to discuss your next seminar, event or trade show and demonstrate how we can help you to drive your attendance levels beyond expectation.


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