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Old Business is the new 'New Business': re-engaging with your existing customer base

When you have worked hard to build your customer base it's vitally important to continue to nurture and develop it, and that's exactly what we are helping Asure Software do with our latest campaign in the UK.

Asure Software Inc provide technology solutions that simplify the enterprise workspace: offering solutions that help business owners transform their largest expenditures into a strategic opportunity with their scheduling and workplace management software.

Following meetings with specialist agencies, Next Call were selected to initiate this campaign and directed to deliver Sales Account Manager review meetings for the sales team with existing leads and install base customers. Nigel Clarke, Vice President & GM, EMEA & APAC of Asure Software said “We chose Next Call for their engagement methodology and approach to working as a team with our existing sales people to drive business into our install base of UK based customers.

They are also helping drive new business leads to bolster our growing sales pipeline in 2014. From the other companies we reviewed they demonstrated the best understanding of our target market and short term goals. Early results are encouraging and interesting that the cost vs return by going back to traditional ‘people buy from people' approach is positive vs more modern online lead generation activities in a relatively new converging market space that brings FM and IT together”.

The initial phase of the work has involved re-establishing contact with Asure's existing UK customer base since Asure's acquisition of Peoplecube, reviewing their current status and setting up meetings for the sales team to fully re-engage with them face-to-face to widen the strategic relationship around Asure's new and wider proposition and technology portfolio.

We are also focusing our attention revisiting leads to maximise the potential for the sales team and to drive new business into the pipeline. Working closely with the in-house sales team we ensure that we fully understand not only the solutions and unique selling points of those solutions, but also the profile of the existing customers and the profile of future target customers. We aim to become immersed in the team and the company philosophy so that when we're working on the campaign we can act as though we are very much part of the team and fully representing the company.

What we've discovered, even in these early stages of the campaign, is the importance and value that lies within an organisation exists customers, and their prospect contacts. It should never be underestimated the amount of potential that is bubbling under the surface of your user base.

When you have a relationship already established you are half-way there. In just the first few weeks of this starting this campaign, Asure have already seen a return on their investment with lots of meetings being generated and an credible increase to the sales pipeline. Phase two of the campaign will see us tasked with researching and seeking out new business opportunities.

For this type of work we work with the team to understand the detail of the target audience; the ideal type and size of organisation and the specific job function and role within that organisation. We agree ideal outcomes and expectations and then focus on achieving those.

The small details of a campaign become the key to the success of the campaign which is why we spend a proportionate amount of time focusing in on those details and making sure we have fully grasped them. Armed with the correct background information and being clear on both sides what the expected outcomes are will ensure that your own campaigns will not only produce better results overall, but also the best results that your client is expecting.

The aim is not just to generate a pile of leads, although most companies would be very happy with that, but to generate those ‘quality' leads and then nurture them and grade them meaning that the sales team have the best insight into the probability of that lead working its way successfully through the pipeline with £'s and timing aligned.

This is proving to be an exciting and interesting new project that is showing us once again the hidden value that some organisations don't even realise is there!

To realise the hidden value in your organisation why not get in touch.


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