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Return to the War Room: Working with Huntsman Security on their Breakfast Seminar

We are delighted to have returned to HQS Wellington for the second in a series of seminars with Huntsman Security (formerly Tier-3 Huntsman) working as their partner agency to support the running and fulfillment of the event.

Once again hosted on board the unique HQS Wellington ship in central London the brief was to promote the event and drive registrations to ensure a good turnout on the day and to build on the success of the previous event held in November, whilst also raising the profile and awareness of Huntsman within the wider business and security community.

The first breakfast seminar with Huntsman was a resounding success with 30 good quality attendees from 45 registrations. Our objective this time was to build on that and working on the experience we gained from the previous event the bar was set a bit higher, with a target of 45 delegates in the room.

Having worked with the team at Huntsman previously we were off to a positive start with the good background knowledge we had previously gained. We were able to quickly establish an understanding of the outline seminar plan and the details of the speakers and topics.

The key to the success of not only the seminar, but really importantly to the telemarketing and registration process prior to the event was the immediately engaging headline topic.

Having a compelling subject matter that is current and relevant to the target audience provides a solid basis to build a conversation on to ultimately deliver quality registrations. Allowing a good lead-time was once again important and we established a schedule to ensure that we were able to follow up invitations and callbacks effectively.

With regular updates and opportunities to update the schedule and review progress, both Huntsman and ourselves were pleased with the amount of seminar registrations that were being received.

Once the registrations were in place it is essential to factor in time to make call backs just prior to the event to confirm attendance. This played a big part in the excellent turn out on the day, which saw 55 attendees out of the 80 registrations attending, which in turn led to a lively and enjoyable seminar.

Providing on-site support on the day ensured the smooth running of the arrival and registration process as well as the liaison with the venue, freeing up the Huntsman team to meet and network with their delegates.

Once again with interesting and informative speakers and topics on the agenda covering recent subjects such as those covered in the press recently: Banks must prepare for state-sponsored cyber crime, says Bank of England, meant that the event was well received.

Our work with Huntsman continues post-event with follow up calls to all the delegates to progress their attendance to potential one-to-one meetings. Once again it has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience working on this event.

Once again hosted onboard the unique our next event, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can drive the maximum results to ensure it is a success.


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