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Seminar boosting for new client, Embarcadero

Following on from the success of working on the Huntsman seminar boosting projects we are currently working on several similar activities including; event fulfillment & lead generation for a company specializing in data modeling, Embarcadero, the first in this series focused on the complexity of Big Data within the financial services sector.

Embarcadero are hosting a half-day workshop in London on Wednesday 20th May and the team at Next Call has been working on driving seminar registrations.

With speakers from Embarcadero and Cognizant discussing the business value that data modeling can deliver it should be an interesting morning of interactive discussion.

Working closely with the team at Embarcadero we ensured we understood the objectives of the workshop and the expectations for the level of attendance on the day. This enabled us to put together a tactical approach to target the relevant audience and drive registrations forward.

As always we are focused on providing the highest number of registrations possible to ensure a good turn out on the day, followed by ongoing support after the event to follow up all the attendees and non-attendees to deliver face-to-face meetings & pipeline development for the sales team.

Our team have excellent experience across a wide range of enterprise technology solutions which enables them to quickly grasp the intricacies of any new product or solution offered by a new client, enabling them to easily enter into relevant conversations with the target audience regarding a particular event and to maximize the time spent on the phone.

If you would like to maximise the attendance at your next event or seminar please get in touch for an informal no-obligation discussion.


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