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We are your extra pair of hands!

We’re now in one of the busiest times of the year; Q4, and it’s at this time of year when we’re often called upon by our customers to come in and lend an extra hand. Their sales teams and internal business development teams are completely focused on the final quarter of the year and there isn’t the bandwidth to do all the other essential activities that are needed to make sure that Q1 still gets off to a good start.

We’ve been able to step in and quickly pick up the baton to help with, for example, getting senior-level attendees along to events, executive dinners, breakfast briefings, and round tables etc. Maybe there is a networking event coming up where we need to confirm registrations; this is the type of thing we’re good at, and we’re especially good at stepping in at the last moment and picking it up and running with it without a long lead time.

The sales teams are able to focus on closing their business, and we are able to provide that personal touch with their other prospects to ensure they are being nurtured on their journey to becoming closed business. We won’t let any potential lead slip away, ensuring that even if someone can’t make the event, then we will explore other opportunities to connect with them such as discovery calls or meetings with the account manager.

There are a few reasons why we are good at all of this, and why we can be relied upon as that safe pair of extra hands; we have been doing this for a long time, and our team have a wealth of relevant experience behind them that they are able to draw on when they are needed to get up to speed quickly with a solution and a message.

We also work to a proven methodology; taking a professional approach on all projects and tasks, big or small. We’re agile; pulling together the right team at the right time to support our customers' needs. And of course, goal-oriented; always focusing on the end result for the clients.

We always ensure that we follow our successful and proven framework:

Define the goals: what are the expected outcomes

Prepare: the messages, the data that we are going to be working with

Persistence: not giving up and pushing through to get results

Team: working with the team to establish messaging, assets, collateral

Review and Improve: always feedback and check results and adapt accordingly


If you’d like to talk about any campaigns for Q4 or going forward into 2020, then please do get in touch for an exploratory call.

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