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At Times Like This We Rely On Each Other’s Support Even More

In unusual circumstances like the ones we are currently facing, it’s important to try and keep some sense of normality, and for many businesses, it is essential to be able to continue to operate and successfully support their employees and their own customers through these challenging times and beyond. We also continue to support our clients and like many others, we have had to adapt some of our ways of working and how we interact with each other. Today’s technology has made this easier than it perhaps would have been a few years ago. We have an array of useful software at our disposal to make our daily tasks and interactions easier and more manageable. They enable us to continue as a team and to work closely with our clients, even if we can’t all be in the same room together. A fantastic example of one of our clients adapting to this unusual way of working is Capita. They are also helping their customers to be able to stay in touch with and communicate with their teams and contacts. This is just one example of some of the work they are doing: British outsourcer Capita working to provide coronavirus testing sites. Their Chief Executive Jon Lewis says in this article “We are currently exploring more than 100 situations to support the UK government Covid-19 response with additional services,” Capita has been responding to what the market has been asking for; organisations are in need of help and support and the right technology to manage remote working. We’re very pleased to be working with Capita to support them in all their efforts. Derek Toal, Capita’s Business Development Manager had this to say about how the relationship between Next Call and Capita has been going so far:

We have been working with Next Call for about five months now and have already completed several successful campaigns and we continue to work on our latest campaign supporting organisations with remote working. Working with Next Call has been a seamless process, with their key team member, Lyn, integrating with our sales team effortlessly. The briefing has been straightforward and has meant that the time taken for Lyn to become proactive and produce results has been minimal, and the value she is already adding to my role has been extremely positive.

Derek Toal, Business Development Manager, Capita

At times like this we are, more than ever, reliant on the latest advances in technology to enable us to continue to provide communication where it is needed, whether that is within internal teams now based remotely, or to help customers support and communicate with their own teams. Rather than being far apart, we are actually finding ourselves more in touch with our colleagues and customers than ever before, and that is something positive to take from the current crisis.


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